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How we use your data

Last update: 10. January 2022

Here you can read what information you provide to PC Service TBG will store, and how it will be used.

What data we use
All users
To those who register

Why we save said information

Who has access to this information

Automatic data treatment

Modifying or deleting your information

If anything is unclear

What data we use:

All users:

The information you provide to this Service is anonymous and can’t be used to identify you.

-What type of device you use. (Computer, mobile device, etc.)
-How you entered this site. (If you got here directly, or via another site.)
-How long you have stayed on each individual page on this site.
-An estimate of your location based of your IP-address.

This information is gathered via Google Analytics.

We will save your IP-address, we do this to easier prevent attacks.

This is gathered via the WordPress plugin Cerber Security, and is saved on our servers.

You can read more about Googles privacy policy here.

To those who register:

Those who register are no longer anonymous.

If you are prompted to we will have the following information.

-Your full name
-Your email address
-Your username. *
-You biography if you provide one. *
-Your profile picture if you provide one. *

*Will be visible to all users regardless if they have an account or not.

Why we save said information:

The information all users provide is saved so we can do the following:

  • See what time of day the site is most active.
  • See what content is of most interest for others.
  • See where in the world it is of most interest.

We save this to get an idea of what we can improve and work further on in the future, instead of going down dead ends trying stuff no one likes.

Your public IP address is saved for 30 days as of now.

We save the information from signed in users to achieve the following:

  • See who comments and uploads content to this site, to give a more personalized experience.

You are required to have an account to do anything but read on this site- in order to help keep bot or spam attacks under control where possible.

We might expand what you can do on this website in the future, if that is the case this privacy policy and Terms of use will be updated to reflect on the changes.

This information is saved until you decide, or we of any reason terminate your account.

If you want to terminate your account please contact us.

Who has access to this information:

The information, unless stated otherwise, is only available for PC Service TBG and will never be sold or given to a third party.

Some information is visible to the public, but what this is specifically is listed as * under What data we use.

The content you publish to this site, along with any comments or similar data- will be visible to the public as well.

Automatic data treatment:

This site uses a WordPress plugin to automatically save your IP address and to make sure your use of the Services follows the Terms of Use.

We also use some third party plugins to administer this site, and according to their privacy policies they save no data from you (the user).

We use the following software and plugins:

  • WordPress (Here you can find their Privacy Policy.)
  • User Meta (They’re not supposed to be able to see any of your information according to their Privacy Policy.)
  • GA Google Analytics (They’re not supposed to be able to see any of your information according to their Privacy Policy.)
  • Cerber Security (They’re not supposed to be able to see any of your information according to their Privacy Policy.)
  • Ninja Forms (They state they might save some information when you use a form according to their Privacy Policy).
  • Product Catalog (They’re not supposed to be able to see any of your information according to their Privacy Policy)

Modifying or deleting your information from this service:

If you at any time wonder what information we have about you as a registered user feel free to contact us.

Should you feel the need to modify your information you can do such via the Edit Profile page- or you can contact us.
Note: Usernames can’t be changed.

When you contact us for a change please provide proof you own the said account, in most cases sending an email from the same email address you registered with is enough proof.

If anything is unclear

PC Service TBG tries to have a accurate and easy to read Privacy Policy. If anything is unclear, or if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

This page will be updated whenever anything is updated.

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