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LUMAS – Let us make a Sentence

LUMAS is a multiplayer game where players have to construct a sentence with a specific set of initial letters and in the same order, failing to do this will result in you losing a point.

Those who do manage to write a proper sentence in time will show up anonymously in a list where other players can either vote on your sentence or others. There are no rules as to what is a good sentence, this is up to the players.

This game has a few customization related settings like your name, image and music that plays during gameplay. These are initially locked behind a level requirement, after you have leveled up enough you can buy and equip different items for coins.

Coins and EXP is gained at the end of a game. Leaving a game early will result in no gains at all.

How many coins you get is simply based of your final score in the game.

Your EXP is based of your score, and multiplied depending on your final position. First place gives the most EXP.

Matchmaking servers are planned, so people don’t have to worry about custom servers with port forwarding.

Download the game

Windows: 64bit

macOS: Planned but not available yet. Will support cross platform.

Linux: Planned but not available yet. Will also support cross platform.

Android: Planned but not available yet. Will also support cross platform.

System requirements

The game has been tested and is running smoothly on low end machines. If you experience issues playing this game please do report them.

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