Felony Rework

Felony Rework is an attempt at making chases & getaways in Driver: San Francisco to be more fair, fun and engaging, whether it’s increasing the amount of cops that can spawn, how far they come from and how fast — getting rid of the worst of rubberbanding AI, or just adding new or unused vehicles to the fleet, even new activities!


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Felony Rework has been updated to 2.1! Now using DriverNG Hook to enable custom scripts, some new features, along with a new activity as well as other tweaks! Check readme and change log for more info! Have fun.

Felony Rework is a complete overhaul of the various AI behaviours, tweaks to create different chase experiences compared to the vanilla game. As time has passed the goals have changed along the way, but the general idea remains: mix a degree of realism with hollywood car chase action, with emphasis on fun. And to top it all off, try to balance it out.

The mod also integrates other mods into the game, such as Klancnik’s garage mod (special vehicles like the white Dodge Challenger and ASYMs in garage) or new activites with the Stimulus Package submod.

For more detailed list of changes, refer to the change log.


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