If you want to list your mod on this site you will need to register for an account first, please head over to the registration site and type in the password: Secure

The password is purely to assist keeping bots out, which is why it’s nothing fancy. reCAPTCHA is coming to replace it.

Step 1: Add a new item

The listing system uses a WordPress plugin which is technically designed for digital stores, so things can look somewhat off.

When you are logged in, you can hover over the Download Mods button and it will now reveal a Manage Mods button. Click it to enter the management menu.

You will now be presented will all current mods on the site, however when you have your first mod up you will automatically be filtered to just see your own stuff.

On the top of this page you will see the button “Add New Item” next to the word Catalog, click that to begin adding your own mod.

Step 2: Fill in mod information

Now most here is self explanatory, however I will provide a short description of each field and how I recommend using them.

I will listing them in the order shown on the site, first left side downwards then right side downwards.

Item Name

This is the name of your mod, please don’t include version name or credits in here.


Here you can toggle reviews for your mod, basically comments with a 5 star system.

Item Short Description

This is what will be shown to users before they click on your mod on certain sites, for example as a Google search result. Give a short but direct explanation as what people can expect.


“Example city mod adds an entirely new city to the game. Along with the city you will find a countryside, a desert and if you’re good enough- some secret tunnels.”

You can of course format that however you’d like.

Item Description

This is the main page basically, here you can go all out on explaining what your mod is about- as well as download links, more images, video links and more.

Be creative- use the formatting tools to make it look pretty.

Note: When adding links, you might have to select that link again and press the Insert Link button to enable it. (Shortcut: Ctrl-K)

Item Attributes

Here you can give credit via the Author attribute, and share what version it is via the Version attribute. This will be shown in the Features tab on the item page for users.

Item Image

Now we’re back on top, but on the right side.

This is where you pick the main picture of your mod, what will be shown first to all the users.

When you click “Set main item image” you will be sent to the Media Library, however odds are you don’t have an image yet.

However, on the top left- you can press Upload files. Here you can drag and drop an image- or manually browse for it.

After you have uploaded your desired image- you have to press “Set main item image” in the down right corner.

Item Categories

This is important to do in order for your mod to be located on the correct locations.

Please check the box for both the game itself AND the type of mod it is.

If the type of mod you have isn’t listed, please check just the game for now- and send me a message and I will add it.


If you’re done you can now submit your mod for approval, an Admin will have to review it- and if it looks OK it will be published and visible on the site.

There is no notification of this- so remember to check if you’re curious if it’s out yet.

Support if you need it

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask!

You can contact me via:

E-mail: help@pcservicetbg.no
Discord: Join the Driver Madness discord and look either for PlayPrey, Prey or Predator.

By Prey

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